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Application for Deferment - Mortgages and Home Equity Products

Attention Freddie Mac/Fixed Rate Mortgage Customers:  Deferment requests for these types of loans cannot be fulfilled using the online application. Please call: (585) 394-4260 ext. 41924 for assistance.

Borrower 1 *

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Loan Account Number *

Monthly Income

Source of Income


I am requesting my monthly payments of principal and interest be deferred until:

Number of months being requested for deferment:

 **Please note: 5 month deferment maximum**


Explanation of the Coronavirus:*


*Cannot be left blank



By signing below, I acknowledge as borrower, that this Deferment shall not constitute a waiver or default of any other right the Bank may have under the loan contract. I further acknowledge that the loan maturity date and any additional accrued interest for Fixed Mortgages and Fixed Home Equity Loans shall be extended for each month the payment is deferred and that when payments resume at the end of the deferral period, payments will be applied first to interest that has accrued during deferment period.  This may result in more interest than originally factored in my loan documents when this loan was established. For mortgages with a callable feature and Home Equity Lines of Credit, the deferred payments will be included in the calculations on the call date and the loan maturity date will not be extended. 

All applicants should assume they are approved.  If any questions or concerns arise, a bank representative will contact you within 2 business days.

By checking the box, you are acknowledging that you read and agree with the statement above.