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Premium Debit Card Rewards

Premium Debit Banner
Premium Debit Banner

Why choose the CNB My Rewards® Gold or Platinum Debit Card?

You can earn bonus rewards points on the things you buy every day, plus get discounts, coupons, savings, and more—including hotel and car rental discounts, cell phone protection,* roadside assistance, and prescription medication savings.

Enjoy a 90-Day FREE Trial.**
Use promo code: 90FREE-P

A CNB checking account is required to qualify for the My Rewards® Platinum or My Rewards® Gold Debit Card. For CNB My Rewards® Debit Card program terms and conditions, please visit

*Platinum Debit Card only. Up to $500 per claim with $50 deductible per claim made. Provides coverage only for damage rendering the device no longer able to perform the function for which the device is intended (i.e., damage causing a phone not to be able to make and receive calls, etc.).

**After the 90-day free trial, a monthly fee per cardholder of $14.95 for a My Rewards® Platinum Debit Card and $9.95 for a My Rewards® Gold Debit Card will be charged to your account. If you choose to cancel your membership, a new, enhanced Debit MasterCard will be ordered and issued to you with a new account number and your current My Rewards® Debit Card will be closed. Promo code expires December 31, 2020.