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Home Equity Solutions

Enjoy the convenience of a Home Equity Loan or FlexEquity Line of Credit. Use the available funds when and how you would like whether it be for renovations, college education, vacation, and more. Choose the type of loan and repayment structure that fits your needs.

CNB Home Equity Solutions:

  • Home Equity Loan - Fixed rate loans1 with various terms. 
  • CNB FlexEquity - Home Equity Line of Credit with up to five fixed-rate sub-loans.2


Put the Equity in Your Home to Work

Borrow up to 85% of the equity in your home.                   


Convenient Access to Funds

FlexEquity Line of Credit allows convenient access to funds as you need it, plus a replenished line as repayments are made.


No Closing Costs3

The bank pays all closing costs (unless the account is paid off and closed prior to 3 years).


Local Decision Making

All loans are decisioned and processed locally.                   


Discover the CNB difference.

As the only local, full-service, community-owned financial institution in the Greater Rochester Area, CNB is investing in you, your business, and your community. With local decision making and loan processing, your experience will be swift and simple. We offer competitive interest rates for home equity loans, auto loans, debt consolidation, home improvement loans, and more.  

1Closed-end loans with terms in excess of 10 years include a call feature, and the rate and payment may increase at the time of modification. 2A conversion fee of $49 may be assessed for each sub-loan established. Sub-loans require a minimum loan amount of $5,000. Fixed rates on sub-loans will be quoted at the time of request and will not increase during the term of the sub-loan. Maximum number of active fixed sub-loans is five. Maximum term on fixed sub-loans is 10 years but not to exceed maturity date of FlexEquity. All loans are subject to credit approval. 3If the loan is terminated for any reason prior to 3 years from the date of closing, borrower will be required to repay third-party closing costs incurred by the bank to open your loan. These costs can range between $249.50 and $2,372.64.

Title insurance may be required for loans greater than $250,000 or where there is no institutional first mortgage. Consult your tax advisor regarding interest deductibility. 

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