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CNB History Timeline

Year Event
1887 Canandaigua Bank Office was opened.  The first depositor listed was Ontario Orphan Asylum (known today as the Ontario County Children's Home, and is still a customer) of which Frank H. Hamlin, I was Treasurer.
1887 Frank H. Hamlin was named the Bank's first President on October 22.
1887 On December 1, the Bank opened for business with deposits equaling $35,515.
1888 The first regular meeting of the stockholders was held.
1900 Directors moved "that a telephone connection be put in the banking office."
1915 Miss Elizabeth Bagley was hired as a secretary - the first woman employee.
1917 The Bank was open for business on Saturday evenings from 7-9pm and was later changed to Saturday afternoons.
1918 Miss Bernadine Farrell was hired as a bookkeeper - she remained with the bank for 48 years.
1919 The Bank applied for and received trust powers.
1920 The Bank purchased its first posting machine.
1926 George W. Hamlin was named President.
1941 Main Office Branch (72 South Main Street, Canandaigua) was remodeled under Rochester architect Leon Stern's supervision.  The exterior and interior appearance have remained similar in spite of several changes and expansions that occurred in the last 125 years.
1942 The Board, was increased from 9-10 members adding/electing Arthur Hamlin.  This was his first formal association to the Bank.
1947 Arthur Hamlin was named President.
1948 Arthur Hamlin's first decision, at the urgent request to the tellers, was to get rid of the handgun that had been kept under the tellers' counter for years to shoot armed robbers.  Next was to go to a five-day week, eliminating Saturday hours, a trend that was common at the time.
1957 Victor Bank Office was opened.
1963 Arthur Hamlin was appointed a Director of the Buffalo Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, where he served five years.
1966 Eldred Sale was elected as a member of the Board and Frank H. Hamlin became Chairman.
1967 Holcomb/Honeoye Bank Office was opened.
1978 George W. Hamlin, IV joined the Bank as Vice President.
1979 George W. Hamlin, IV became President of the Bank upon the retirement of Arthur Hamlin, who had served 31 years.
1981 Lakeshore Bank Office was opened.
1982 Farmington Bank Office was opened.
1984 Tarry Croucher Shipley was the first woman Director of the Bank.
1985 Lakeshore and Farmington had ATM machines installed at their branches.
1989 Manchester-Shortsville Bank Office was opened.
1989 Mendon Bank Office was opened.
1989 Eastview Bank Office was opened.
1994 Bloomfield Bank Office was opened.
1995 Pittsford Bank Office was opened.
1998 Webster BayTowne Bank Office was opened.
1999 Greece Bank Office was opened.
2000 Irondequoit, Honeoye, Chili, Honeoye Falls, and Rochester Bank Offices was opened.
2000 Basin Park Financial Center was opened.
2002 Brighton Bank Office was opened.
2004 Penfield Bank Office was opened.
2006 Geneva Wealth Strategies Group Satellite Office was opened.
2007 Henrietta Bank Office was opened.
2009 Alex Park Bank Office was opened.
2010 Webster Jackson-Ridge Bank Office was opened
2011 Greece Latta & Long Pond Bank Office was opened.
2011 Frank H. Hamlin, III was named President.
2015 College Town Bank Office was opened.
2020 Brockport Bank Office was opened.
2021 Geneva Bank Office was opened.