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Cannon Teleconference Broadcast
Ethics: Malpractice in Estate Planning - Some Guidance on How to Avoid It

Tuesday, December 12 | 12:30pm-2:30pm
Basin Park Financial Center
Light lunch provided

It goes without saying that an estate planning professional must provide competent services to the client. Confronted with an ever-changing legal and regulatory landscape, the estate planner must be vigilant not to allow the quality of his or her representation of clients to deteriorate. Given the plethora of currently available estate planning and postmortem planning options, the potential for making mistakes may be greater than ever.

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Decedents sometimes leave an estate plan that creates more problems than it solves. Under the laws of most states, various judicial and nonjudicial options exist with which to repair estate planning defects after-the-fact. It is important to our practices that we have a comprehensive understanding of the potential solutions.

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