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Upgrade for a Better Experience

Canandaigua National Bank & Trust would like to encourage all of our customers to update their internet browsers as new releases are made available. Using the most recent browser version ensures the best security, design experience, speed and functionality.

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If you have any comments or concerns, please contact our Customer Call Center at 585.394.4260 ext. 0.

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Browser Up-To-Date

**Effective January 14, 2020, Microsoft Internet Explorer® 11 will not be a supported browser for accessing CNB's Online Banking Center, as well as other external sites.  Please take the time to check your browser to ensure you are on the latest version.**  

We require up-to-date Operating Systems and Browsers in order to access CNB’s Online Banking. If you are not on the latest browser version, the possibility of a security breach on your computer is increased, which can ultimately increase the opportunity for fraud occurring with your banking data.  

Check Your Browser

Use CNB's Browser Compatibility Checker to determine if an upgrade is needed.

To ensure the best Online Banking experience, we recommend using the current version of your preferred browser.
The following versions are compatible with Online Banking:


To ensure the best Mobile Banking experience, we recommend using:

Apple Logo
Apple Device

iOS 9 and higher

Android Device

Android 5.0 and higher


Why do I need an updated Operating System?

Your operating system is software that manages your computer hardware and software resources and services. Older operating systems are not serviced (i.e., Windows XP) or will not be serviced in the future (i.e., Windows Vista) by Microsoft, which means there will be no security updates or technical support, compounding the less-than-satisfactory security implications going forward. This situation makes it easier for fraudsters to do damage to your computer and, more importantly, steal or manipulate your personal data.

Recommended Action:

  • Purchase a new operating system, and delete the old operating system from your computer; OR,
  • If the computer is old, consider purchasing a new one as a comprehensive way to safeguard your personal information.

For either option, please consult a computer store or individual for assistance.

Why update your browser?

Maintaining an up-to-date browser is essential to ensuring online security and for supporting current websites. Older versions are not as stable and are more vulnerable to security threats. Browser maintenance benefits:

  • Security — Recent versions have developed strong security measures.
  • Appearance — Ensures that you are receiving the optimal experience.
  • Speed — Improves page and data loading with each browser update.