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Home Free in 15 Years

C Spaker
Christopher Spaker, AMP
President, CNB Mortgage Company
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Would you like to own your home sooner and pay out less in mortgage interest?  Then say hello to the 15-year mortgage.  Your monthly payments will be higher than they would be if you opted for a 30-year mortgage, but in the long run, those higher payments may be worth it.

Consider the Pluses

For starters, 15-year mortgage interest rates typically are lower than the rates on 30-year mortgages.  And, since you’re paying interest for only 15 years instead of 30, you’ll cut the amount you pay by more than half.

You’ll build equity in your home a lot faster with a 15-year mortgage.  Better yet, you will own your home mortgage-free in half the time.

The Other Side

Paying down your mortgage rapidly means you'll get less of an income-tax deduction for your mortgage interest as you approach that 15-year mark.  And, if you plan to stay in your home only a few years, lower monthly payments may be more important to you than building equity.

Not for Everyone

Before you choose between a 15- and a 30-year mortgage, do a few calculations to determine which type of loan better fits your situation.  Our Mortgage Loan Originators are ready to help.

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