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Podcast: 10 Most Common Estate Planning Mistakes

L Haelen 2016
Laurie Haelen, AIF®
Senior Vice President, Director of Wealth Solutions
[email protected]
(585) 419-0670 x41970

Ask the Experts is a financial forum for education and advice as CNB’s experts answer your questions on financial topics that interest you. 

The experts of this show featured Laurie Haelen and Kate Noble (Retired), Senior Vice Presidents from the Wealth Strategies Group, Canandaigua National Bank and Trust.

Broadcasted on July 30, 2016

For questions, feel free to contact Laurie Haelen at (585) 419-0670 x41970.  

10 Most Common Estate Planning Mistakes

Audio Clip

1. Not having an up-to-date estate plan, or worst... no plan at all.
2. Not coordinating beneficiary designations and titling of assets with your estate plan. 


3. Not planning for incapacity.
Not planning for your minor children.
Selecting the wrong executor, trustee or guardian.


6. No estate planning around life insurance; new or existing.
No protection for the beneficiaries of your estate.


8. Not sharing your estate plan with family and leaving a mess of financial records. 
Not taking advantage of lifetime gifting.
10. Failing to equalize spousal estates.


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