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Podcast: Avoiding Financial Consequences of a Long-term Care Illness

Margaret Meyer
Margaret M. Whelehan is Vice President - Personal Banking/Insurance Manager and can be reached at or (585) 249-4980 x41034.

We hope you enjoyed listening to "Ask the Experts" on WHAM 1180, Sunday, November 24th at 8:00pm.

Ask the Experts is CNB's financial forum for education and advice as local experts answer your questions on financial topics that interest you. The experts of the last call included Margaret Meyer, Vice President and Personal Banking Manager and Susan Suben, President & Owner, Long-Term Care Associates and Long-Term Care Consultant at CNB.

Highlights From the Show
Audio Clip

What is long-term care?


Why plan for long-term care?


Solutions for long-term care planning.


Will your family be there when you need assistance?


Are you concerned about your parents’ long term care needs?
How to best approach the subject with your parents…


What if your parents say they don’t want assistance?


What is the right age to purchase a long term care policy?


Long term care policies come with NYS tax credits.


How does Medicare factor into long term care planning?


The benefits of creating a plan with CNB.


You can also listen to the broadcast in its entirety here:


For questions, feel free to contact Margaret Meyer or read more about CNB's Long Term Care options..

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