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Canandaigua National Bank & Trust would like to encourage all of our customers to update their internet browsers as new releases are made available. Using the most recent browser version ensures the best security, design experience, speed and functionality.

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Security and Online Banking

Kathy Housel - Banking Officer, Fraud Risk Manager

While criminals continue to develop more sophisticated, effective, and malicious methods to compromise and gain unauthorized access to online bank accounts, CNB remains committed to providing our customers with a safe online banking environment.  Our online banking platform provides tools to challenge the increasing threats to our business customers, from key logging malware and man-in-the middle attacks.

Out-of-band transaction authorization codes are 4-6 digit codes delivered to the employee authorizing an ACH or wire transfer transaction, via a phone call or text message.

Real time out-of-band security alerts can be set up for events related to computer/browser registration, logins, passwords, access codes, users, and profile contact information, so you are aware when these events occur.

Out-of-band delivery of these codes and alerts to a device other than your computer provides an additional layer of security since it is unlikely that your phone would also be involved in the compromise of a user’s login and password.

You can set dollar limits and transaction authority by user for specific transaction types, to limit your account’s exposure.

Dual control provides the ability to have one employee create the ACH or wire transfer transactions, and a second employee review and authorize the transaction, each utilizing their own login credentials and computer or device.

With our mobile banking functionality you can even utilize some of these tools with your smart phone when you are not in the office.

CNB has also implemented real time fraud detection analytic software for some of the higher risk transactions including ACH and Wire Transfer.  This software scores the transactions as they are processed through online banking based on the previous activity within that account, and suspends suspect transactions to allow the bank to investigate further and/or validate the suspect transaction with the customer, before it is released into the payment system.

No software can detect every fraudulent transaction, so even with these tools you must continue to be diligent about keeping your computers and other devices safe with up-to-date anti-virus and malware detection software, use strong passwords, review your account activity on a daily basis in order to detect any unauthorized transactions, and report that activity to the bank immediately.  You and your employees should use strong passwords and must be vigilant against fraudulent emails attempting to obtain user names, passwords, account information or that may contain links to websites that are infected with malware.

Please contact us at (585) 394-4260 if you have any questions about these security features.