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Online Banking Tip of the Day: Add an Available Balance Alert for the Holiday Season

December 9, 2013

Did you know in the Online Banking Center you can create an available balance alert?  While you are busy with shopping and everything else this holiday season, this is a nice way for you to be notified when an account falls below a certain dollar amount.
How:  From the ‘Preferences’ menu, select ‘Alert Options’.  Click ‘Add Alert’ and choose ‘New Account Alert’ from the drop-down list to open an ‘Account Alert’ pop-up window.  Under ‘Alert Criteria’, choose an ‘Account’, select ‘Available Balance’ for the ‘Field’, select ‘Less than amount’ for the ‘Trigger’, and enter an ‘Amount’.  Within the ‘Notification Frequency’ section, select if you want to be alerted each time it happens or only the first time it occurs.  The ‘Notification Preferences’ area allows you to choose the ‘Type’ for how you want to receive the alert.  Alerts are always sent to your secure online banking mailbox and you can additionally receive an email, call or text, depending on the preference you select.  When finished, press ‘OK’.

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