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Online Banking Tip of the Day: Limit User’s Access to Reports Only in CNBusiness BillPay

March 14, 2013

Did you know you can limit a user’s access to reports only in CNBusiness BillPay?
How:  If you have employees who are responsible for reporting, you can allow them limited access to CNBusiness BillPay.  From the CNBusiness BillPay menu, select ‘Options’ and choose ‘Manage Users’. (Users with the ‘Manage Bill Pay Users’ permission enabled can utilize the ‘Manage Users’ function.)  If you have a user that you just want to have access to reports only, select ‘Permission Settings’ to the right of that user’s name.  Select ‘Edit User Permissions’, follow the steps to add or remove permissions, and verify the user’s current permissions.  The ‘Current Permissions’ for that user will show a green checkmark next to ‘Access Reports’.  CNBusiness BillPay is an enhanced bill payment system with many features specific to a business, including the ability to limit a user to access reports only.

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