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Online Banking Tip of the Day: View Total Paid to Payees in a CNBillPay Category During 2013

January 10, 2014

Did you know with CNBillPay you can view the total dollar amount paid to payees by category?  This is useful for when you want to look back and see the total you spent in 2013 for a specific category.
How:  In CNBillPay, select ‘Payment History’ from the ‘Payments’ menu.  In the ‘Payment Search’ box, select the ‘Category’ and choose the radio button to the left of ‘Custom Date’.  Then enter ‘1/1/2013’ for ‘From’ and ‘12/31/2013’ for ‘To’.  In the ‘Display Options’ box, select ‘Processed’ from the ‘Payment Status’ drop-down list and choose ‘50’ for the ‘# of Records to Return’.  If you like, make other adjustments and then press ‘Search’.  Scroll down and at the bottom is the total for the payments displayed on that page.

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