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CNC Board of Directors


Pictured (top row - left to right): Lawrence A. Heilbronner-Kolthoff, Alan J. Stone, Gary Babbitt, Michael C. Goonan, Robert G. Sheridan, Thomas S. Richards
(bottom row - left to right) Frank H. Hamlin, III, Sue S. Stewart, George W. Hamlin, IV, Caroline C. Shipley, Daniel P. Fuller

Gary Babbitt

Director, Canandaigua National Corporation, 2019-present

Richard C. Fox

Director, Canandaigua National Corporation, 2008-present

Daniel P. Fuller

Vice Chairman of the Board, Canandaigua National Corporation, January 1, 2011-present

Michael C. Goonan

Director, Canandaigua National Corporation, 2015-present

Frank H. Hamlin, III

Director, President, and CEO, Canandaigua National Corporation, March 29, 2013-present

George W. Hamlin, IV

Chairman of the Board, Canandaigua National Corporation, January 1, 2011-present

Lawrence A. Heilbronner-Kolthoff

Director, Canandaigua National Corporation, December 10, 2014-present

Thomas S. Richards

Director, Canandaigua National Corporation, 2004-November 2010 and January 15, 2014-present

Robert G. Sheridan

Director, Canandaigua National Corporation, 1992-present

Caroline C. Shipley

Director, Canandaigua National Corporation, 1984-present

Sue S. Stewart

Director, Canandaigua National Corporation, 2000-present

Alan J. Stone

Canandaigua National Corporation Director, 1986-present

Emeritus Board Members

James S. Fralick


George W. Hamlin, IV, Esq., Chairman
Daniel P. Fuller, Vice Chairman
Frank H. Hamlin, III, Esq., President and Chief Executive Officer
Vincent K. Yacuzzo, Treasurer, Executive Vice President, and Chief Financial Officer
Jennifer N. Weidner, Esq., Secretary, Senior Vice President, and General Counsel

* Wholly owned subsidiary of Canandaigua National Corporation
** Wholly owned subsidiary of Canandaigua National Bank & Trust Company
***Majority-owned subsidiary of Canandaigua National Corporation