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CNBusiness ChoiceSM Suite

Part of a suite of products linked together to provide automatic processing options, the CNBusiness ChoiceSM Savings account is paired with the CNBusiness ChoiceSM Checking account, giving businesses the maximum interest earning potential.

Here's how it works: Simply make all deposits to your CNBusiness ChoiceSM Savings account. This allows your business to earn the maximum amount of interest on the funds. The interest rate paid on the savings is set each month to reflect short-term market rates. The rate remains in effect for the entire month and is paid on all collected balances over $1. Continue to pay your expenses by check from your CNBusiness ChoiceSM Checking account. CNB will make daily automatic transfers from your savings to your checking to cover checks presented for payment, and maintain the desired checking account balance you have requested.

In the event that checks are presented for payment against your account when funds are not available, your CNBusiness ChoiceSM Line of Credit* will automatically make advances to your checking account in increments of $2,500 to cover the outstanding checks.

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*Line of Credit is subject to credit approval.