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Debit MasterCard BusinessCard FAQ

A Powerful Tool for Purchasing Management and Recordkeeping of Business Transactions

Q. What is the Debit BusinessCard? 

A. The Debit BusinessCard is a payment card that is linked to a business Checking Account.

Q. How can business customers use the card? 

A. Business customers can use it at ATMs, merchant locations, online, and over the phone.  The Debit BusinessCard is very useful for out-of-office expenses like gas, supplies, travel, and entertainment.

Q. Where is it accepted? 

A. The Debit BusinessCard is accepted worldwide at millions of merchant locations and at over 820,000 ATMs, wherever the MasterCard®, NYCE®, or PLUS®  logo is displayed.

Q. Who can benefit from the Debit BusinessCard? 

A. The Debit BusinessCard is great for small businesses including those that are self-employed, providers of professional services, and the small office/home office market.

Q. What benefits does the Debit BusinessCard provide small businesses?

A. The Debit BusinessCard gives the small business owner better control of spending, is easier to use than a check, and reduces the need for petty cash.  The card also allows for separation of your business and personal expenses, making tax time and recordkeeping easier.

Q. Who can be issued a card? 

A. Since a cardholder has full access to funds in the business Checking Account, only authorized signers on the business Checking Account will be eligible for a card.

Q. Are there any limits on the Debit BusinessCard? 

A. There is a daily purchase limit of $5,000 and a daily ATM cash withdrawal limit of $500 established for each Debit BusinessCard, provided this amount does not exceed your available balance.  Outstanding transactions that have not cleared your account will reduce your daily limit for each day until the transaction posts to your account.

Q. What happens if my transaction is greater than my balance? 

A. Business ChexMate is an available checking overdraft line of credit service which will advance funds from the approved line to cover items presented against insufficient funds.  It also helps protect you from fees for overdrawn accounts.   Ask how to apply for CNB Business ChexMate.  (Subject to credit approval).

Q. How should I pay for large ticket items and reservations?

A. Large ticket items and reservations where the actual use of the service is for a future date or where additional reserves are authorized as a nature of the service, such as hotel reservations or car rentals, should be purchased by writing a check or using the Business Edition® Visa® Card.

Q. What do I do if I suspect fraudulent use of a card?

A. If you suspect fraudulent use, contact the bank immediately at (585) 394-4260 or (800) 724-2621. 

Q. Who holds liability for losses? 

A. The risk of liability lies with the business account owner.  In the case of a disputed transaction, contact the bank as soon as the item is identified.  We will help with the processing of a dispute form.  At your request, we can provide available detail regarding your transactions.

Q. How are statement errors resolved? 

A. Statement errors should be reported immediately by phoning the bank and subsequently completing the required forms at one of our community branch offices.

Q. How do I prevent losses?

A. To aid in loss prevention, carefully review your monthly statements and limit the distribution of the cards as appropriate.

Q. Can transactions be differentiated by card on the monthly statement? 

A. Transactions are not differentiated by card on the monthly statement.  If this specific information is needed, you may contact a Customer Service representative and they can assist you.

For more information, call our Customer Call Center 585-394-4260 or 800-724-2621