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CNBusiness BillPay

CNBusiness BillPay is an enhanced bill payment system used within CNB's Online Banking Center designed with a business customer’s needs in mind.

CNBusiness BillPay offers:
  • Business Control of Employee Access
  • Enhanced Payment Features
  • Customized Communications and Reporting

Please Note: If you're a current CNBillPay customer and want to become a CNBusiness BillPay customer, contact us at (585) 394-4260 x0.

 CNBusiness BillPay Benefits

What you get with CNBusiness BillPay
Business Controls
  • Multi-User—Support one or more users
  • Common View—View of payees and payments the same between users
  • Permission Control—Manage the access of each user within the system
  • Dual Controls—Control for secondary approval of payments 
Enhanced Features
  • Dollar Limits—Applicable limits for business payments
  • Payee Capacity—Enhanced view for large number of payees
  • Multiple Invoices—Pay multiple invoices to a single payee at one time
  • Recurring Payments—Schedule regular monthly bills 
Communications & Reporting
  • eNotifications—Receive notifications about payment activity
  • Quicken® and Quickbooks®—Import payees into CNBusiness BillPay
  • Customize Reports—Perform audits, track spending and monitor user activity
  • Payment History—Easily view payment history with totals
  • Tax Payments—Link to access the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) 

Bill Payment Selection Guide for a Business:

Schedule single and recurring payments Yes Yes
Create and maintain categories Yes Yes
Identify expected payment arrival dates Yes Yes
Make payments from multiple accounts Yes Yes
Electronic notifications of payment activity Yes Yes
Single user system Yes Yes
Multi-user system No Yes
Common view of payee and payment information between users No Yes
Administrative control to manage the access and permissions of users No Yes
Dual payment approval option No Yes
Applicable dollar limits for businesses No Yes
Enhanced view for large number of payees No Yes
Pay multiple invoices to a payee at one time No Yes
Import payee information from Quicken® and QuickBooks® No Yes
Customize payment reports No Yes
Payment history with totals No Yes
Link to access the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) No Yes

*The initial pricing of CNBusiness BillPay will include a three month, no monthly service fee introductory period; there will be a monthly service fee of $7.95 assessed on the fourth month and thereafter.

View a demo of CNBusiness BillPay by clicking the play button below.

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