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For more information about our Government/Municipal Banking Products, please call (585) 419-0670 ext. 50618.

Municipal Choice Checking  
Municipal Choice Plus Checking  
Municipal Choice Savings  
Benefits A great choice for organizations that maintain moderate account balances and moderate account activity. Make the most of your money with this interest-bearing checking account. Earn interest on every dollar.
Cash Management Solutions -
Sweep feature linked to Savings -
Fee per item deposited – transit (non-CNB checks) No fee No fee  
Cancelled check images available -
Unlimited Check Writing -
Small Business and Commercial Credit Cards (Subject to 3rd party credit approval) -
Monthly Maintenance Fee $0 $0 $0
Minimum Balance Required - - -
Interest Paid   Monthly on $1000 or more Monthly on $.01 or more
Transaction Limit Per Month     6 Limited Type Transactions*

* Limited-type transactions are transfers or withdrawals from savings or money market accounts that are conducted in mobile banking, online banking, voice banking, text banking, by phone or any other electronic communication (chat, email, etc.). Also included are those that are pre-authorized, recurring or one time via funds transfer, ACH, check (electronic or paper), debit card or wire transfer (domestic or international). Examples of preauthorized payments: gas, electric, television services, phone, subscriptions, Thruway, etc.