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WorkPlace Banking Program

Good for you. Good for your employees.

Attracting and retaining good employees is always a challenge. One way of increasing retention is through your benefits offerings. But the cost of providing such benefits can be expensive.

We have a solution.
At Canandaigua National Bank & Trust, our WorkPlace Banking Plan allows you to offer your employees a wide range of value-added financial services and solutions, with no additional cost or administrative burden to you.

Enrolling in our program is easy and free.
By participating in our group banking program, you will allow us to provide your employees with the opportunity to learn about the products and services they will receive with their new direct deposit checking account. Our knowledgeable and friendly bank representatives will be equipped to conveniently open accounts for your staff directly on site. Adding convenience and value to your employees is easy with our WorkPlace Banking Program.

Free on-site seminars.
In addition to our banking products and services, we offer free on-site financial seminars. Through these seminars, we deliver timely education and advice to you and your employees on subject matters including budgeting, first-time home buying, retirement planning and more.

WorkPlace Banking Employer Benefits 

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