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ATM, Debit, Credit Card FAQs

Need some quick tips about ATM, Debit, Credit Cards or just looking to find an answer to a question - click on the tab below that you are inquiring about. It will present you with some common questions and answers. If you still need help please call out Customer Call Center at 585-394-4260 Ext. 0.

Debit Mastercard® and ATM Card

How do I activate an ATM or debit card?

How do I report a lost or stolen ATM or debit card?

How do I change my Personal Identification Number (PIN)?

What should I do if I have an unauthorized debit card transaction on my account?

How do I access my accounts online?

How do I update my contact information with CNB?

Should I notify CNB if I will be traveling?


What is CardValet®?

How do I get the CardValet® app?

What devices/operating systems support CardValet®?

What are the password requirements for CardValet®?'

Can I use TouchID/Fingerprint with CardValet®?

Are there any fees to use CardValet®?

Can I add my CNB credit card or ATM card to CardValet®?

I have a replacement card with a new card number. How do I add the new card to CardValet®?

How long does CardValet® keep me logged in if I forget to log out?

I have more than one CNB debit card. Can I have more than one card in CardValet®?

Can I add my spouse’s or child’s CNB debit card?

When will card transaction history show in CardValet®?

How many transactions show in recent history?

Do I still need to report my card lost or stolen if I have turned it off in CardValet®?

What is the range with “My Location” for controls and alerts?

What if “My Location” is on as a control and my primary device is turned off, will transactions be denied?

Why was my transaction denied when I turned on my settings to authorize?

How do I turn on controls and alerts for ATM transactions?

If I turn my card “OFF,” establish a control or set up an alert, how long does it take until it is in effect?

I turned my card off- why did a transaction go through?

Can I unsubscribe from CardValet®?

Personal Credit Card

I have a question about my credit card. Who should I contact?