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Mobile Banking FAQs

Enjoy Mobile Banking that allows you to bank whenever, wherever. You can access real-time account information, search account history, transfer funds and pay bills, deposit checks, find CNB locations and get one-button access to a CNB representative.

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  • How do I download the Mobile Banking App?

    Visit the Google Play or App Store and search 'CNB Mobile Online' and download the app.  But in order to use the Mobile Banking App, you must be enrolled in Online Banking.

    The first-time you use the app you will have to:

    • Select an Option for Secure Access Code delivery
    • Enter the Secure Access Code that is delivered to you
    • Select to Register your device for use
      Please Note: If you choose to NOT register your device, you will need a secure access code delivered to you each time you access the Mobile App
    • Review and Agree to the Terms and Conditions (If you are a First-time user to Online Banking)

  • What functions can I perform with the Mobile Banking App?

    You can access real-time account information, search account history, transfer funds, pay bills, deposit checks, find CNB locations and get one-button access to a CNB representative.

  • I want to make a simple transfer to one of my accounts. Is there a way to do that from the home screen?

    Yes, a great feature in the mobile app is the ability to swipe left to transfer funds quickly without using menu options.  In each account tile on the far right are two vertical bars.  Go to the account tile for the account you want to make a transfer from and swipe left on the two vertical bars and then press ‘Quick Transfer.’  Select the account to transfer to, enter the amount and then press ‘Transfer Funds.’

    You can press Advanced Options from this screen if you want to change the date, add a memo, or make it a recurring transaction.

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  • I have a check. Is there a way I can deposit it to my account without going to the bank?

    Yes, the CNB Mobile Banking App, 'Mobile Check Deposit'  allows you to deposit a check anytime, anywhere.  You must first enroll by going to 'Mobile Deposit- Enroll' from the 'Preferences' menu and following the steps.  You can enroll from your desktop computer, but 'Mobile Check Deposit' is an option only available in the app.

  • What types of accounts can accept a CNB Mobile Deposit?

    All consumer and business, checking and savings accounts.

  • Can I deposit more than one check at a time?

    Each check needs to be deposited separately so that the front and the back are captured and transmitted together.

  • Is there a fee for 'Mobile Check Deposit?'

    There is no fee for personal accounts.  There is a fee of $0.50 per deposit for business accounts.

  • Do you receive confirmation when you deposit a check with CNB Mobile Deposit?

    Each check you deposit receives a confirmation code. The deposits you make are listed in the Mobile Deposit History, including the confirmation code.

  • Do I need to endorse my check for a Mobile Deposit?

    Yes. The endorsement for a check in mobile deposit should read as follows: For CNB Mobile Deposit Only with your signature below this statement. 

    How and where you endorse the check you deposit is important and should follow these guidelines: 

    • belong on the same end of the check as "Pay to the Order of" and 
    • must be confined to the top 1½ inches on the back of the check.

  • I just deposited a check using the mobile app. When will the funds be available?

    If a deposit is made prior to 6:00pm EST on a business day, funds will be available the following business day.  If a deposit is made on a non-business day or after 6:00pm EST, we consider that the deposit was made on the next business day.

  • How long do I need to keep a check after I deposit it using 'Mobile Check Deposit?'

    You should hold on to that check for 10 business days (14 calendar days).  Once the funds from the deposit are available, mark the check as either Mobile Deposit or VOID.

  • I tried to deposit a check using 'Mobile Check Deposit' and it was rejected. Why would a deposit be rejected?

    There are several reasons a check may be rejected.  Some of these include: no endorsement, total amount for the day exceeds $5,000, or check has already been deposited.  Be sure to endorse the back of the check and check your activity for the day to see if you have exceeded the total amount.

  • What if I am having difficulty taking a photo of the check?

    Ensure there is enough light: place dark checks on a light background and vice versa, keep the edges of the check within the guides, and be sure that the back of the check has been endorsed.

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  • I am looking for the details on a payment I made two months ago to a payee. How do I view CNBillPay payment history in the mobile app?

    Tap on the name of the payee to open the payment screen and in the top right hand side, tap 'Activity' and select 'Processed' to view payments that have processed to that payee.  Tap on a specific payment to view the details of that payment.  This includes details such as delivery method, processed date, arrival date, and status.

  • I have a payment in CNBillPay® scheduled to happen tomorrow and now realize I don't need to make it. How do I cancel a pending payment in the mobile app?

    From the screen that lists your payees, in the top right hand side, tap 'Activity' and select 'Pending.'  Locate the payment to cancel, and tap on the payment.  When the details for the payment are displayed, tap 'Cancel Payment.'

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  • What is Touch Authentication?

    Touch Authentication enables you to use your fingerprint to authenticate both Apple® (Touch ID®) and Android™ (fingerprint) devices.*

    *Touch authentication must be available and enabled on your mobile device.  Apple and Touch Id are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries.  Android is a trademark of Google, Inc.

  • How do I activate Touch Authentication?

    You can activate this feature directly from the login screen.  Press Touch ID or Fingerprint and follow the steps.  Once activated, the next time you open the app it will prompt you to place your finger on the Home button to log in.  If you decide that you want to use passcode for authentication, press cancel when prompted to place your finger for Touch ID, and simply select Passcode.

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  • What is CNBanker® Voice?

    CNBanker® Voice gives you 24-hour access to your account via the phone.  In CNBanker® Voice you can: receive balance information, transfer funds, receive recent transaction information, receive payoff information, and receive information about branch locations.

  • What phone number do I call to access CNBanker® Voice?

    There are four phone numbers you can use to access CNBanker® Voice:


    • 585-394-5520
    • 800-283-1989
    • 585-394-4260 option 2
    • 800-724-2621 option 2
    You will need to login the first time using your last 4-digits of your social security number.

  • How do I use CNBanker® Voice?

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  • What is Text Banking?

    Text Banking is a method that allows you to use your mobile phone to send a secure text message to our automated system.  You can text commands to 226563 and receive the answers to the most commonly used banking functions.

    Text banking can be used to quickly access:

    • Balance information for the account that you have enabled for text banking (BAL)
    • Account Transfers between your text banking accounts (XFER)
    • History of transactions for the selected text banking account (HIST)

  • What number will text messages come from?

    You will receive the text from 226563.  Be sure to save this number to your contacts as CNB Text Banking for easy access.

  • How do I activate Text Banking?

    To activate Text Banking:

    • Log in to the CNB Online Banking.
    • Go to Preferences>Text Enrollment.
    • Click Off and it will change your selection to On, enter your SMS Text Number, Agree To Terms, and click Next. You will then be directed to the Account Preferences page.
    • Once you are on the Account Preferences page, click on an account to open the account details and click SMS/Text.  Select to have SMS/Text On or Off.  A four character account short name will be required.  Click the pencil icon, enter four characters and click the checkmark when you are set. SMS ON is displayed when an account is enabled for Text Banking.

    Note: You must have online banking access to enroll in text banking.  Click here to enroll in Online Banking.

  • Helpful Text Banking Tips:

    • Add 226563 to your list of mobile contacts and save it as the name CNB Text Banking
    • Text messages are not case sensitive — you can use "b" or "B"
    • If you send a text from outside the U.S., you may incur roaming fees; check with your carrier for details
    • If your device is lost or stolen, or there are changes to your wireless carrier provider or mobile number, log in to Online Banking and cancel or edit your Text Banking service

    pdf icon Printable Text Banking Wallet Card with Commands

    pdf iconPrintable Text Banking Instructions