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Podcast: Commercial Loans - Moving Our Community Forward

J Eilertsen
John Eilertsen
Vice President, Relationship Manager
[email protected]
(585) 394-4260 x36105
J Tonkery
Jason Tonkery
Vice President, Relationship Manager
[email protected]
(585) 419-0670 x50697

Ask the Experts is a financial forum for education and advice as CNB’s experts answer your questions on financial topics that interest you. 

The experts of this show featured John Eilertsen, Vice President, Relationship Manager, and Jason Tonkery, Vice President, Relationship Manager.

Broadcasted on November 23, 2019

For questions, feel free to contact John Eilertsen at (585) 394-4260 x36105 or Jason Tonkery at (585) 419-0670 x50697.

Commercial Loans: Moving Our Community Forward   Audio Clip  

Introducing Canandaigua National Bank & Trust, Commercial Services


Understanding the Commercial Loan Approval Process


The Five Cs of Credit: Making the Decision to Invest


The Impact of Interest Rates