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Vita, Charles

Mar 26, 2019
Podcast: Finance Structures & Strategies to Support Your Business or Real Estate Project
Ask the Experts is a financial forum for education and advice as CNB’s experts answer your questions on financial topics that interest you.  The experts of this show featured Charles J. Vita, Senior Vice President, Group Manager, Commercial Services...
Mar 26, 2019
Mar 26, 2018
Does Your Business Need a Buy-Sell Agreement?

When you’re mired deep in the day to day challenges of the management of your business, it’s often hard to step out of the trees and take a good hard look at the forest. But at various points in the

Mar 26, 2018
Jun 19, 2015
Why Businesses Need a Disaster Preparedness Program

According to the Insurance Information Institute, 119 natural disasters occurred in the United States in 2014, totaling $25 billion in losses. But natural disasters represent just a portion of the crises that your business could face. Although you may not

Jun 19, 2015
Jan 22, 2013
The Asset Conversion Cycle
A business asset conversion cycle, the cycle by which cash is used to prepare a product or service, sell it to a customer and convert the sale back to cash, is a great place to start. I like to begin with questions to understand the business better and develop a deeper understanding of the asset conversion cycle.
Jan 22, 2013
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