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Online Banking FAQs

Need some quick tips about Online Banking or just looking to find an answer to a question - click on the tab below that you are inquiring about. It will present you with some common questions and answers. If you still need help please call out Customer Call Center at 585-394-4260 Ext. 0.

General Banking

Do I need to upgrade my browser to use Online Banking?

How do I enroll in Online/Mobile banking?

I have enrolled in Online/Mobile Banking and received my login ID, but I do not have a password.
How do I log in for the first time?

I would like to change my user ID. Am I able to do that?

What happens if I forget my password?

Why am I being asked to register my computer again?

Will there be regularly scheduled online/mobile banking maintenance?

Direct Connect

What is Direct Connect?

Is there a fee for Direct Connect?

Do I need to register Direct Connect in my CNB Online Banking?

Which options under ‘create a new transaction’ are enabled?

Can I revert back to Web Connect or Express Web Connect if I decide that I don’t want the automation?

Who should I contact if I still have a question about Direct Connect?

Home Screen

I have several accounts. What is the best way for me to organize them?

Can I change the name of an account group?

I have created account groups. Can I change the order the groups are in?

I have more than one checking account. Can I rename my accounts so I can keep them organized?

My account list is not in the order I prefer. Can I change the order easily?

Some of my accounts don’t need to be displayed on my home screen.
Can I do that without deleting them from Online Banking?

I can only see part of the description of my transactions. How can I see the entire description?

I would like to see only the checks that have cleared my account. How can I see only checks?

Can I view an image of a check listed in my transactions?

I want to make a simple transfer to one of my accounts. Is there a way to do that from the home screen?

I’m not sure a transaction listed on my account is correct, how do I inquire further?

My balance is a lot higher than I thought it would be.

I have a question about one of my accounts, but not about a specific transaction.
Can I send a message to CNB online?

I am looking for a specific transaction. Can I sort my transactions?

I would like to export my transactions to a spreadsheet. Can I export my transactions?

I see green boxes in the right hand corner that show “Transfer Money Now” and “View All Bills Now.”
Can I use those?

I noticed yellow boxes on the top of several pages, what are those for?


I would like to transfer funds to the same person each month. Can I set up a recurring funds transfer?

I just scheduled a transfer for the wrong amount. Can I cancel it?

I’m looking for a transfer that I sent last week. Can I search directly from the funds transfer screen?

I need to see what account I sent a transfer to. How can I view the details of a transfer?

Can I apply for an account online?

What types of accounts can I apply for online?

I want to see all of the transactions that originated through Online Banking. Can I see a list of those?

I have a lot of transactions displaying in the Online Activity Center. How do I find a specific transaction?

I need to cancel a transfer that I set up to be recurring. Where do I cancel that?

What information do I need to use Cross Customer Transfer?

What is the difference between ‘Single Transfer’ and ‘Link Account?’

I just set up a customer with ‘Link Account’ and I don’t see it in my ‘Funds Transfer’ screen.

I have a savings account at another financial institution. Can I transfer to that account?

I no longer have an account at another financial institution.
How do I delete an external account that I previously set up?

How do I verify the external account?

How long do I have to verify the account?

Debit Card

What is Manage My Debit Card?

What are the key features of Manage My Debit Card?

How do I access Manage My Debit Card?

Do I need two apps?

What are the benefits of Manage My Debit Card?

Will the card I request have the same number as my previous debit card?


What is CNBillPay®?

I have a lot of payees. Is there a way for me to manage them?

I am looking for a payee that is no longer showing in my list. Where did it go?

I scheduled a payment and now want to cancel it. How do I cancel a pending payment?

I added a payee and now I need to change some information for that payee. How do I edit a payee?

I have a payee that I no longer make payments to. Can I delete this payee?

I have a payee that I send the same amount to every month on the 15th.
Is there an easy way for me to make this a recurring payment?

I need to add a new CNB checking account to my CNBillPay® account options.
Where do I go to make changes to my account?

I need a permanent record of a few of my transactions. Can I print or export my payment history?


How many months of e-statements are available?

Can I print or save an e-statement?

What do I do if I have automatic payments associated with my old card number?

I opened a new account at CNB. How can I add it to my online banking access?

I just requested online access to my new account. How long will it take to be added?

How can I delete accounts previously added through ‘Cross Customer Setup’ or ‘External Account Setup?'

Is there a fee for a stop payment request?

I didn't think I needed checks for my account, but I have discovered that I need them.
Why am I not able to reorder checks through Online Banking?


What is Messaging?

I need to provide a document to CNB. Can I add an attachment to a message?


Why is Mobile Check Deposit not available on my computer after I enrolled?

What is the fee for Mobile Check Deposit?

I have more than one checking account. Can I rename my accounts so I can keep them organized?

My account list is not in the order I prefer. Can I change the order easily?

I am enrolled in Text Banking. Can I change the four character name(s) and which accounts are enabled?

I have enrolled in Text Banking. How do I select which accounts I want to use with Text Banking?

I don't want to receive paper statements any longer. How do I sign up for e-statements?

How do I change the email address that my e-statement notification is being sent to?

I would like to be notified when my current balance falls below $100. Can I do that?

I would like to be notified when an advance on my ChexMate account has occurred. Can I do that?

I didn't see security alerts as an option to add. How do I maintain my security alerts?

What is secure delivery contact information used for?

What are Display Theme Options?

Why is my theme selection not being displayed?

I am not sure what CNB has on file for my profile information. How do I find out?