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Canandaigua National Bank & Trust would like to encourage all of our customers to update their internet browsers as new releases are made available. Using the most recent browser version ensures the best security, design experience, speed and functionality.

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If you have any comments or concerns, please contact our Customer Call Center at 585.394.4260 ext. 0.

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Online Banking FAQs

Need some quick tips about Online Banking or just looking to find an answer to a question - click on the tab below that you are inquiring about.  It will present you with some common questions and answers.  If you still need help, please call our Customer Call Center at 585-394-4260 Ext. O. 

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  • How do I enroll in online banking?

    It's easy to enroll in CNB Online Banking.  To begin, please select from the following two options:

    Personal Enrollment
    Business Enrollment

    This will take you to our Auto Enrollment Form.  After you submit the form, we will provide you with your Login ID and a link to First Time User instructions to guide you through the enrollment process.  

  • I have enrolled in Online Banking and received my login ID, but I do not have a password. How do I log in for the first time?

    After you receive your login ID, please visit to access your account.  Enter your Login ID and click Login, and then click 'First Time User'.  This will take you through a series of steps to complete your enrollment, including creating a password. 

  • What happens if I forget my password?

    If you forget your password, enter your Login ID and place a checkmark in the box for ‘Forgot Password’ and click ‘Login.’ Follow the steps to receive a secure access code and create a new password. 

    Be sure the information in your User Profile is always up-to-date so that you can easily receive your secure access code, as well as receive important information from CNB.

  • Why am I being asked to register my computer again?

    Registration places a security cookie in your computer’s browser.  Depending on your browser, you may need to adjust the settings to accept cookies during registration.  If the cookie is deleted, you will need to re-register. 

  • Do I need to upgrade my browser to use Online Banking?

    In order to access all the functions of Online Banking and to ensure that your information is secure, we recommend that your browser is on the latest version.  You can find the list of compatible browsers and links to download the latest versions here

  • Will there be regularly scheduled online banking maintenance?

    In an effort to maintain long term stability and reliability of our systems, we will be implementing regularly scheduled maintenance at a frequency of up to two times per month.  These will occur early Sunday mornings beginning at midnight through 4:00am.  The following systems will be unavailable as we perform system maintenance: Online Banking, Mobile App, Text Banking, and CNBanker® Voice.

    The date of the next scheduled maintenance will be posted in the right hand banner of the Online Banking Home screen approximately one week before each instance.

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  • What is Direct Connect?

    Direct Connect provides automatic connectivity to online banking and allows you to instantly view balances and transfer funds between CNB accounts from within Quicken® or QuickBooksTM, as well as download transactional data into Quicken® and QuickBooks™ without the need to upload or import a file.

  • Is there a fee for Direct Connect?

    No, we are currently offering this service to our customers free of charge.

  • Do I need to activate Direct Connect in my CNB Online Banking?

    No, your account is already enabled and eligible to use Direct Connect with your current Online Banking username and password. 

  • Which options under ‘create a new transaction’ are enabled?

    At this time, only the Transfer Funds option is enabled for transfers between CNB accounts. Cross customer and external transfers are not available.

  • Can I revert back to Web Connect or Express Web Connect if I decide that I don’t want the automation?

    You could delete the account from Quicken® or QuickBooks ™ and then re-add it. Please note, this solution may impact transaction history.

  • Who should I contact if I still have a question about Direct Connect?

    Online support is available through Quicken at and Quickbooks at

    Phone support through Quicken/QuickBooks is also available Monday through Friday 8am – 8pm at (888) 311-7276.

    CNB Customer Service Center is available Monday through Friday 8am – 8pm and Saturday and Sunday 9am – 1pm at (585) 394-4260.

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  • I have several accounts. What is the best way for me to organize them?

    In order to organize your home screen, consider creating account groups to group like accounts together.  To create a new group, click and drag an account tile toward the bottom of the home screen until the create group icon appears, and drop the tile onto that icon.  To add additional accounts to an existing group, just drag and drop the account tile into that group.

  • Can I change the name of an account group?

    Yes, simply click the pencil icon next to the group’s name, change the name and then click the checkmark when you are done.

  • I have created account groups. Can I change the order the groups are in?

    You can order your groups easily by going to Preferences>Account Preferences and using the arrows on the far right of a group name.  Move the group up or down, and your home screen will adjust accordingly.

  • I have more than one checking account. Can I rename my accounts so I can keep them organized?

    Yes, you can easily rename accounts. Go to Preferences>Account Preferences and click on the account to open the account details.  Then click the pencil icon next to the account name and enter your new account name.  When you are all set click the checkmark.

  • My account list is not in the order I prefer. Can I change the order easily?

    Yes.  Go to Preferences>Account Preferences.  Use the arrows on the far right of an account name to move the account up or down.  Your home screen will adjust accordingly.

    See also FAQ ‘I have several accounts.  What is the best way for me to organize them?’ for helpful hints on organizing your accounts by group.

  • Some of my accounts don’t need to be displayed on my home screen. Can I do that without deleting them from Online Banking?

    Yes, you can hide accounts that you no longer need to appear on your home screen.

    • Go to Preferences>Account Preferences
    • Click on the account to open the account details
    • Under ‘Visibility,’ click Visible
    • And then click Yes, Hide

    Accounts you hide will appear in the Hidden Accounts group at the bottom of the Account Preferences page.

  • I can only see part of the description of my transactions. How can I see the entire description?

    You can click anywhere in the transaction box to see further details, including the full transaction description.  This will also give you the option to ask CNB about the transaction and the option to print the transaction. 

  • I would like to see only the checks that have cleared my account. How can I see only checks?

    When you are in the selected account, click ‘Filters’ to utilize filter options.  You can filter by Time period, Transaction Type, Amount and Check #. When you are ready press ‘Apply Filters’ to display the transactions that meet the criteria you entered.  To display balances again, click ‘Reset.’ 

  • Can I view an image of a check listed in my transactions?

    Yes, your list of transactions will include an icon of a check in the description for checks that have cleared your account.  Click anywhere in the transaction box to view the check.  Click the arrow on the right under the check image to view the back of the check (page 2), and the arrow on the left to go back to the front of the check (page 1).  If you would like to print the check, simply click on the printer icon and follow the steps for your printer. 

  • I want to make a simple transfer to one of my accounts. Is there a way to do that from the home screen?

    Yes, in each account tile on the far right are two vertical bars.  Go to the account tile for the account you want to make a transfer from and click on the two vertical bars and then press ‘Quick Transfer.’  Select the account to transfer to, enter the amount and then press ‘Transfer Funds.’

    You can press Advanced Options from this screen if you want to change the date, add a memo, or make it a recurring transaction.

  • I’m not sure a transaction listed on my account is correct, how do I inquire further?

    After you have selected the transaction and are viewing the full details, click the conversation bubble icon on the right.  This will begin a secure message to our Customer Service Center for further investigation.  For your convenience, the details of the transaction are already prefilled.  Simply type your message and click ‘Send.’  

  • My balance is a lot higher than I thought it would be.

    The available balance that you see on the ‘Home’ screen and the ‘Account Details’ screen includes balances available in other accounts that you may have linked to your checking account(s).  These may include balances in ChexMate Line of Credit or sweep accounts. Line of credit accounts also show balances available to you.  

  • I have a question about one of my accounts, but not about a specific transaction. Can I send a message to CNB online?

    Yes.  Secure messaging is an important means of communicating with CNB.  Click on an account, and click the conversation bubble icon in the upper right hand side.  For your convenience, the details of the account are prefilled.  Enter your message in the message field and click ‘Send.’ 

  • I am looking for a specific transaction. Can I sort my transactions?

    Yes.  Click on the ‘Description’ column header above your transactions to sort.  You can sort by ‘Date,’ ‘Description,’ or ‘Amount.’  If you sorted on description or amount, the balance no longer applies.  In order to return to viewing your balances, double click on the ‘Date’ column header.

  • I would like to export my transactions to a spreadsheet. Can I export my transactions?

    Yes, you can easily export your account activity into a spreadsheet.  In the top right corner above your transactions, click the download/export icon and select a file format.  You can select from: Spreadsheet (xls), Spreadsheet (csv), Microsoft OFX, Quicken, or Quickbooks.

  • I see green boxes in the right hand corner that show “Transfer Money Now” and “View All Bills Now.” Can I use those?

    Yes.  The CNB Online Banking Center features a Quick Action menu for commonly used functions such as Funds Transfer and CNBillPay.  You can go directly to specific transactions, instead of going through the menu options on the left.  The 'View All Bills Now' button will take you to an abbreviated version of CNBillPay.  To experience the full benefits, use CNBillPay from the ‘Transactions’ menu on the left.

  • I noticed yellow boxes on the top of several pages, what are those for?

    We are excited to bring you Quick Tips.  They help explain some of the great features of the Online Banking Center.  Be sure to read these as they may quickly answer a question you have.

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  • I would like to transfer funds to the same person each month. Can I set up a recurring funds transfer?

    Yes.  When entering a transfer, place a checkmark in the box for ‘Make this a recurring transaction.’  Select a frequency from the many options and then a beginning and end date.

  • I just scheduled a transfer for the wrong amount. Can I cancel it?

    Yes.  As long as the transfer has not processed, you can cancel it.  Select the transfer under the ‘Pending’ tab of ‘Funds Transfer.’  The details of your transfer will pop up.  At the bottom select ‘View In Activity Center.’  This will take you to the ‘Online Activity Center’ where you can select ‘Cancel’ from the ‘Actions’ dropdown in the column on the right.

  • I’m looking for a transfer that I sent last week. Can I search directly from the funds transfer screen?

    Yes.  Select the processed button on the right side to view transfers that you have sent.  If you can’t find what you are looking for, use the search function at the top.

  • I need to see what account I sent a transfer to. How can I view the details of a transfer?

    You can click on a transfer from the pending or processed list on the right to view more details.  The details of your transfer will show in a new window, and will include the From and To accounts.  If you need additional information, you can click ‘View in Activity Center.'  This will give you a tracking ID, date, created by and authorized by, amount, and description (Memo).

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  • What is CNBillPay®?

    CNBillPay® is a free online consumer bill payment service available to CNB Online Banking users that provides an easy, convenient, and secure way to pay your bills.  To learn more about CNBillPay®, click here

  • I have a lot of payees. Is there a way for me to manage them?

    Yes.  You can create categories to assign to your payees.  Click the ‘My Account’ tab and use the options in the ‘Payee categories’ box to create and manage your categories.

  • I am looking for a payee that is no longer showing in my list. Where did it go?

    If you have not activated a payee, or have a payee that you use less frequently, they might be listed as ‘Inactive.’  On the ‘Payments’ screen, for the ‘Display’ click ‘Inactive’ to see if the payee is listed there.

  • I scheduled a payment and now want to cancel it. How do I cancel a pending payment?

    From the ‘Payments’ screen, on the right hand side, are your ‘Pending’ payments.  Locate the payment to cancel and click ‘Edit.’  Place a checkmark in the box for ‘I would like to stop this payment’ and click ‘Submit.’

  • I added a payee and now I need to change some information for that payee. How do I edit a payee?

    To edit a payee, go to the ‘Payments’ screen and click on the payee name to view the details.  On the right hand side, under ‘Additional actions,’ click ‘Edit payee.’  Make your changes and click ‘Submit.’

  • I have a payee that I no longer make payments to. Can I delete this payee?

    Yes.  To delete a payee, go to the ‘Payments’ screen and click on the payee name to view the details.  On the right hand side, under ‘Additional actions,’ click ‘Edit payee.’  Place a checkmark in the box for ‘I would like to delete this payee’ and click ‘Submit.’

  • I have a payee that I send the same amount to every month on the 15th. Is there an easy way for me to make this a recurring payment?

    Yes.  Locate the payee on the ‘Payments’ screen and from the ‘Actions’ column, click ‘Make it Recurring.’  Continue through the steps to enter the information for the payment series and press ‘Submit.’  On the 'Payments' screen you will then see a gray box above your payee that shows that it is recurring.

  • I need to add a new CNB checking account to my CNBillPay® account options. Where do I go to make changes to my account?

    Click the ‘My Account’ tab to access and make changes to a variety of items such as pay from accounts, personal information, security information, alerts and categories.

  • I need a permanent record of a few of my transactions. Can I print or export my payment history?

    Yes.  When you have the payment history for the items that you need, in the center above the search bar you can click ‘Print’ or ‘View in Excel.’

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  • What is CNBudget Central?

    CNBudget Central is a financial management tool, powered by Yodlee, that allows you to aggregate all of your accounts to one location for budgeting and financial management convenience.  To learn more about CNBudget Central, click here.

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  • Can I apply for an account online?

    Yes.  We have made it easy for you to open an account online.  Under 'Transactions,' select 'Open New Accounts.'  For your convenience, your personal information is pre-filled.  Please have your identification ready in order to complete the process.

  • What types of accounts can I apply for online?

    You can select from the following types of accounts:

    • Checking
    • Savings
    • Loans
      • Auto
      • Recreational vehicle
      • Personal/debt consolidation
      • Home equity
      • Home improvement
      • ChexMate Overdraft Protection

      If you would like to apply for an account that is not listed above, please visit one of our Bank Office locations or call our Customer Service Center at (585) 394-4260.

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  • I want to see all of the transactions that originated through Online Banking. Can I see a list of those?

    Yes.  In the 'Online Activity Center' you will see all of transactions that were created in online banking, including the mobile banking app.  The tabs at the top of the page allow you to select from ‘Single Transactions,’ ‘Recurring Transactions,’ or ‘Mobile Deposits.’

    Note: Mobile Deposit history is limited to the last 30 days.

  • I have a lot of transactions displaying in the Online Activity Center. How do I find a specific transaction?

    Use the filters to refine the transactions that display.  You have several criteria options to search such as type of transaction, status, a specific account, and date.  When you have entered your criteria, click ‘Apply Filters’ to view your results.  Tracking ID is a reference number used internally by the Online Banking Center and the mobile banking app to identify each transaction.  

  • I need to cancel a transfer that I set up to be recurring. Where do I cancel that?

    In the Online Activity Center, Select the tab for ‘Recurring Transactions,’ locate the transfer, click ‘Actions’ to expand the drop-down list.  Select ‘Cancel series’ and ‘Confirm.’ 

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  • What information do I need to use Cross Customer Transfer?

    The recipient must provide you with the email address associated with their online banking which can be found in their User Profile, and the last 4 digits of their CNB account number.

  • ‘Single Transfer’ is a one-time transfer.  ‘Link Account’ saves the customer’s info for future use.  If you plan to make multiple transfers and schedule a transfer in advance, you need to link the account.  We recommend adjusting the display name for the account within 'Account Preferences' for easy recognition, and changing the order of the account so it appears at the end of your list of accounts.  Once setup is complete, use ‘Funds Transfer’ to make transfers to the account you set up. 

  • You may need to log off and log back in to see the account in the funds transfer menu. 

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  • I have a savings account at another financial institution. Can I transfer to that account?

    Yes.  If the other financial institution allows ACH transactions for savings accounts, you can set it up through ‘External Account Setup.’

  • I no longer have an account at another financial institution. How do I delete an external account that I previously set up?

    We can take care of that for you.  Please submit a request by sending a secure message within online banking.  Go to 'Messages' and select 'New Conversation.'

  • How do I verify the external account?

    After you have accepted the ‘Add External Account Agreement.’  Two small deposits will be sent to your account.  These deposits may take 2-3 business days.  Once you receive the micro deposits, please go to ‘Verify External Acct.’ 

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  • How long do I have to verify the account?

    Once you receive the two micro deposits, you will have 14 days to verify them.  If you do not verify the deposits within 14 days, you need to repeat the ‘External Account Setup' process.

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  • What is CNBankerREWARDS?

    CNBankerREWARDS is our customer loyalty program. You earn points simply by using your CNB Debit Card. No enrollment is necessary, you earn and accumulate points automatically with each and every purchase.

  • I see CNBankerREWARDS in my menu options in online banking. How do I create a CNBankerREWARDS account?

    Under ‘Rewards Programs,’ click ‘CNBankerREWARDS,’ select ‘Create a new My Rewards account,’ press ‘Submit,’ and continue through the steps. If you already have a CNBankerREWARDS account, select ‘Link an existing My Rewards account.’ Once you have set up your account, the next time you select “CNBankerREWARDS’ within online banking you will be automatically logged in to the account you created. To return to CNB Online Banking, simply click ‘Done’ and then ‘Menu’ in the upper left hand corner.

  • I currently receive my certificates for points from CNBankerREWARDS in the mail, can I set up automatic deposit of my points?

    Yes. Access your CNBankerREWARDS account and click the blue box for ‘eDeposit Your Points.’ Enter your checking account number, zip code and press ‘Save.’ You will begin to see your rewards certificates listed, along with their expiration date, under Balance Details/History.

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  • How many months of e-statements are available?

    We have made 18 months of statements available to you.  If you need a statement that is older than 18 months, please send the request through a secure message or contact our Customer Service Center.

  • Can I print or save an e-statement?

    Yes.  When you have an e-statement displayed, use your pdf reader’s toolbar.  To print, select the printer icon and follow the steps.  To save, select the disk icon and follow the steps.  Be sure to rename your files when saving them. 

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  • Will the card I request have the same number as my previous debit card?

    No.  If you request a card it will have a new number.  The number stays the same only with an automatic reorder.  Remember that you will need to change all of your automatic payments if you order a new card.

  • What do I do if I have automatic payments associated with my old card number?

    Once you receive your new card, you will need to notify those companies processing recurring debits of the change to your debit card number. 

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  • I opened a new account at CNB. How can I add it to my online banking access?

    You can add or delete any CNB account for which you are an owner/signer.  Under ‘Services,’ select 'Add/Delete Account' to submit your request.

  • I just requested online access to my new account. How long will it take to be added?

    We are continually processing and updating new requests.  Your request may take 1-2 business days. 

  • How can I delete accounts previously added through ‘Cross Customer Setup’ or ‘External Account Setup?'

    You will need to submit a request through the secure message system in Online Banking.  Go to 'Messages' then select 'New Conversation.'

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  • Is there a fee for a stop payment request?

    The standard stop payment fee will be charged per request.  A request for multiple checks, with consecutive check numbers, will be considered one request with a single standard stop payment fee.

    For a list of our Fees For Special Handling, click here.

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  • I didn't think I needed checks for my account, but I have discovered that I need them. Why am I not able to reorder checks through Online Banking?

    To easily order checks through Online Banking, an initial order of checks for the account needs to be made at a CNB Office and on file with the check company.  Please visit a CNB Office or call our Customer Service Center to place your initial order of checks.

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  • What is Messaging?

    In order to speak directly to a bank representative to resolve an issue or to request a simple task, we offer a secure email system through Online Banking.  We encourage you to use this system when you want to send us confidential or personal information, securely.  This is also a communication tool that we use to bring you important information.  When you have a message from CNB, a number will show next to the Messages menu item. 

  • I need to provide a document to CNB. Can I add an attachment to a message?

    Yes.  Click the paperclip icon and select the file you want to attach. You can send the following file types: .ach, .doc, .docx, .log, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .rtf, .text, .txt, .wpd, .xls, .xlsx. All content is securely encrypted and is within the online banking system.  Please note that you can only add one attachment per message. 

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  • Why is Mobile Check Deposit not available on my computer after I enrolled?

    You can enroll from your computer, but 'Mobile Check Deposit' is an option only available in the app.  Once you enroll, enjoy the simple process of depositing your checks with 'Mobile Check Deposit' in the app.

  • What is the fee for Mobile Check Deposit?

    There is no fee for personal accounts.  There is a $0.50 fee per deposit for business accounts.

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  • I have more than one checking account. Can I rename my accounts so I can keep them organized?

    Yes.  Go to Preferences>Account Preferences and click on the account to open the account details.  Then click the pencil icon next to the account name and enter your new account name.  When you are all set click the checkmark.

  • My account list is not in the order I prefer. Can I change the order easily?

    Yes.  Go to Preferences>Account Preferences.  Use the arrows on the far right of an account name to move the account up or down.  Your home screen will adjust accordingly.

    See also FAQ ‘I have several accounts.  What is the best way for me to organize them?’ for helpful hints on organizing your accounts by group.

  • I am enrolled in Text Banking. Can I change the four character name(s) and which accounts are enabled?

    Yes.  On the Preferences>Account Preferences screen, accounts that you have enabled for Text Banking say ‘SMS ON.’  Click in the account box to open the account details and then click SMS/Text to see text details.  You can click the pencil icon to change the display name.  Enter four characters and then when you are all set, click the checkmark.

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  • I have enrolled in Text Banking. How do I select which accounts I want to use with Text Banking?

    You can select some or all of your accounts for Text Banking.  On the Preferences>Account Preferences screen, accounts enabled in Text Banking display ‘SMS ON.’  To make changes to a selected account, click on that account to open the details and then click ‘SMS/Text.’  Once it is turned on, click the pencil icon to change the four character display name.

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  • I don't want to receive paper statements any longer. How do I sign up for e-statements?

    You can view your statement the same day it's ready.  Go to Preferences>Statement Delivery to make your selection for each of your accounts.  Click the pencil icon or anywhere in the account line to edit your preferences.  Select e-statement, accept the 'e-statement Delivery Agreement.’  Then enter the email address to receive the notifications when your statements are ready and click ‘Next.’  You will receive an email notification that your statement is ready at your next statement cycle.

  • How do I change the email address that my e-statement notification is being sent to?

    Go to Preferences>Statement Delivery.  Click the pencil icon or anywhere in the account line to make changes.  Change the email address and click ‘Next.’  You will need to do this for each one of your accounts.

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  • I would like to be notified when my current balance falls below $100. Can I do that?

    Yes.  You can set up an alert.  Under 'Preferences,' select 'Alert Options.' From the ‘New Alert’ drop-down on the top right, select 'Account Alert' and follow the steps for your selection.  You can select Date, Account, History, and Transaction alerts.  You can also select the method of delivery of your alerts from secure message in online banking to email, phone, and text.

  • I would like to be notified when an advance on my ChexMate account has occurred. Can I do that?

    Yes.  You can set up an alert. Under 'Preferences,' select 'Alert Options.' From the 'New Alert' drop-down on the top right, select 'History Alert.'  Select your checking account. Choose 'Description' as the transaction.  Type 'Overdraft Protection Deposit' and press 'Set.' Indicate your notification preferences and press 'Next.'

  • I didn't see security alerts as an option to add. How do I maintain my security alerts?

    Click anywhere within the Security Alerts box.  You can turn many of the options on and off.  For your protection, the alerts in gray have been pre-selected and are required.

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  • What is secure delivery contact information used for?

    You need a secure access code each time you access online banking from an unregistered computer, register a computer’s browser, or to reset your forgotten password.  You can add, edit, or delete your secure delivery information under the secure delivery tab.

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  • What are Display Theme Options?

    We have designed some background options for you to personalize your Online Banking Experience.  Enjoy a Finger Lakes Vineyard, the Rochester Skyline, or a golden glow.

  • Why is my theme selection not being displayed?

    It may take several seconds for your selection to apply to your screen.

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  • I am not sure what CNB has on file for my profile information. How do I find out?

    Maintaining up-to-date contact is essential for timely communications and for the secure delivery of important online banking functions such as secure access codes.  Please review your User Profile information.  If you need to update your information, please contact our Customer Service Center or submit your request through a secure message.  To send a secure message go to 'Messages' then 'New Conversation.'

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  • Why am I seeing a limited number of locations?

    For your convenience, we have identified those locations closest to you.  If you are interested in additional locations, please zoom out further on the map and the list of locations will adjust accordingly.

  • I am looking for the nearest ATM location. How do I search for ATMs?

    You are currently viewing a list of our branch locations.  Simply click on the ATM tab to find the list of our ATMs.

  • Are the branch hours available under locations?

    Yes.  Simply click on a specific location in the map or on the list to view the lobby and drive-thru (if available) hours and location.  You are also able to get directions to the location from Google Maps by clicking on 'Get Directions.'  Click close to return to the branch listing.