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Crossing, Brendon

Apr 26, 2017
Put a Business Line of Credit to Work for you
A business line of credit is an agreement between a commercial bank and a business specifying the amount of short-term borrowing the bank will make available to the firm over a given period of time. The agreement is usually made for a period of one year and often places certain constraints on the borrower.
Apr 26, 2017
Jan 21, 2010
How Lenders Use Your Information

As a commercial lender, I’m accustomed to asking for a multitude of financial and organizational documents from existing and potential clients. Often, my admittedly lengthy request soon is followed by questions regarding which documents actually are needed. I thought...

Jan 21, 2010
Jan 21, 2010
Cost Segregation Studies

 The Tax Reform Act of 1986 devastated the commercial real estate market by effectively doubling the depreciation lives for many types of buildings. This effectively reduced allowable annual depreciation expense and increased the real estate owner's income tax liability. Since

Jan 21, 2010
Mar 02, 2009
Evaluating Potential Borrowers

March 2, 2009 - You cannot turn on the television or read the newspaper today without hearing more news about banks tightening their credit standards during these challenging economic times. One can argue that Rochester has faired far better than other parts of

Mar 02, 2009
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