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Saving with CNB. As a compliment to your checking or as a stand-alone account, our savings options are designed for every level of saver. Whether your savings goals are long or short term, for a specific purpose, emergency funds, or a purpose not yet defined, each of our solutions offer interest-earning potential to meet your needs.

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  • No daily balance requirements
  • No monthly maintenance
  • Flexible transfer options
Preauthorized Transfers

Deposits: Deposits will be made by preauthorized transfers from an originating CNB account to the CNSaver. The CNSaver Account will be closed if the originating account balance is insufficient on any two transfer dates per calendar year.

Payments: You may select from the following payment options: (1) Full Balance: On the date selected, the full CNSaver Account balance will be transferred to the originating account. (2) Designated Balance: On the date selected, a designated amount will be transferred to the originating account. (If the balance of the CNSaver Account is less than the designated amount, the transfer will not take place.)

Transaction Fees Bank-assisted withdrawals (Call Center or Branch) each: $10
Rate information If your daily balance is more than $0.00, you will receive interest on the entire balance in your account.
Compounding and Crediting Interest will be compounded and credited quarterly to your account on the last day of January, April, July, and October.
Additional Account Information & Terms