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What makes saving with CNB different?  As a compliment to your checking or as a stand-alone account, our savings options are designed for every level of saver.  Whether your savings goals are long or short term, for a specific purpose, emergency funds, or a purpose not yet defined, each of our solutions offer interest-earning potential to meet your needs.

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CNB Savings Accounts:

  • Companion - No monthly maintenance fee when packaged with Optimum or e-ssentials.
  • Regular - Interest-bearing account.
  • CNSaver - Requires preauthorized, recurring deposits from a CNB account.
  • Looney Tunes™- Designed for the young saver, earn interest on every penny.
  • Money Market - Typically offers higher interest rate than savings, transactions limited.
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA) - A tax-advantaged medical savings account.
  • Certificate of Deposit - Short and long-term rates available.
  • Savings Bonds - Order Savings Bonds online at


Certificate of Deposits

Short and long-term options available.

Certificates of deposit offer a fixed maturity and interest rate associated with the term selected. Monthly specials available.  Optimum customers receive preferred rates.  Upon maturity, enjoy automatic renewal or speak to a representative to review new CD options.

HSA Savings  

Health Savings Accounts

Tax-deductible contributions.

An HSA is a tax-favored account used in conjunction with an HSA-compatible health plan – allowing you to contribute funds on a pre-tax or tax-deductible basis, which you may use for eligible medical expenses.


Exceptional Customer Service

Seasoned Professionals.

What truly sets CNB apart from other financial institutions is the quality and commitment from our employees. With relationships measured in generations, not years, you'll find we are not your typical bank.

Discover the CNB difference.

As the only local, full-service, community-owned financial institution in the Greater Rochester Area, CNB is investing in you, your business, and your community. We have a variety of personal savings options with different levels of earning potential, including interest-bearing accounts, savings bonds, CDs with short and long-term rates, installment accounts and more.

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